Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Some Ideas about Lambda

Hello Everybody!

It´s really late and all are staying out at this time, but I think, I have to write a post about my ideas about Lambda and some connection to my youth-group!

I think, Lambda is really cool and interesting! I already like the way, which they choos to work with young people. I´m also very interessted in the movie, which (I didn´t remember her name -> sorry!) she show us the trailer about it, because our youth-group YOUnited have also in the future (31.5. and 1.6.) a little short-film projekt with Queerblick e. V. (a German organisation). The youth also worked alone at this workshop. I´m really curois about this, how is the short-film or whicht topic it have.

And sometimes our youth peoples organise also some things without our supporting, it´s also like lambda!

In the image-film from Lambda, one Boy said, that he firstly was a participant and one year later he change to the organisation of this group. It´s really funny, because it´s remember me at myself.
In Summer 2011 I was getting a participant and exactly one year later a changed to the leader and now a organised some bigger things and "lead" a really cool group, which meet also at private time and not only at youth-group.

I think, YOUnited is really close to Lambda!

So, now I´m to tired to think about this more ;-)
Enjoy the week and have fun!


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