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Yogi Yarkarta Principles Activists Guide

This guide will allow those working in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity to determine how other activists have used the Yogyakarta Principles to further their work.

Study on the struggle of Trans* and Intersex Organizing

A case for increased support for growing but under-funded movements for human rights

European Union

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Unit of the European Council provides
- reports from 2009-2013,
- a compilation of the standards adopted by the Council of Europe, 

Trans* space :)

Cis*/trans* 1-0-1 and fun stuff

2 Hot Transsexuals Finally give some answers

shitty title but extremely funny video that'll tell you a lot about trans* realities within less than 10 minutes

What is a "Cisgender" Person?


Higher resolution here.


Gender Queer, Qu'est-ce Que C'est?

Video by intersex activist and artist Del LaGrace Volcano





How to be an ally to the trans* community / individual trans* people


Transwhat? A guide towards allyship

The glossary and the „myths debunked“ section are useful, too, if you’re new to the subject.

How to be an ally to the transgender community

A brief version for your back pocket

Tans* ally workbook

comprehensive guide on how to get pronouns right


Toolkits and best practices

"...and Others! Argumentation Training for Transgender Inclusion in Europe"

Toolkit for Trans* Activists and Allies Working for Trans* Equality, Rights and Inclusion“. Very useful for countering common arguments against trans* inclusion!

ACCESS ALL AREAS! Recognition Opens Doors

Europe-wide Campaign for a quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition. Campaign material is being translated into different languages; order here.

Queer Youth Advice 

by What Kids can do, Inc 
Queer Youth advice for Educators. How to respect and protect your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students. By Abe Louise Young and Youth Contributers.


Legal Gender Recognition (≈change gender marker in documents)

Toolkit Gender Recognition

Toolkit aiming to support trans rights activists and those working professionally on gender recognition procedures in order to advance the human rights of trans people. Content: current jurisprudence at the European level; applicable human rights standards; country best practices; checklist to assess the human rights compatability of legal texts or proposals regarding gender recogntion procedures.

Map: Legal gender recognition and sterilization requirements in Europe

Gender Identity and Human Rights (Violations)

Human Rights and Gender Identity
Issue Paper by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

milestone document on the situation of trans people in Europe and recommendations for governments – still unaccomplished for the most part

Trans Murder Monitoring Project

Discrimination against trans and intersex people on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression

EU commission report published in 2012.

The project provides an overview of the human rights situation of trans persons in different parts of the world and develops useful data and advocacy tools for international institutions, human rights organizations, the trans movement and the general public.

Supranational trans advocacy organisations

“umbrella organisation which works towards the full equality and inclusion of all trans people in Europe”

GATE - Global Action for Trans Equality


basic knowledge

advocacy organisations


brand-new Austrian intersex NGO

Germany / German speaking

Internationale Vereinigung intergeschlechtlicher Menschen / OII Deutschland

both blog and lobby / protest group combatting intersex genital mutilation in and outside Switzerland
English site: http://stop.genitalmutilation.org/

Berlin based association by and for trans*, intersex and queer people

trans*/inter*-respectful language and genderneutral language

Trans* ally workbook

comprehensive guide on how to get pronouns right

Gender Neutral Pronoun Blog

..or The Search for a Polite Specific Gender-Neutral Third-Person Singular Pronoun

Gender-specific andgender-neutral pronouns

Wikipedia article discussing English pronouns

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