24.03. Monday

Day 3: Monday 24.03.2014

  warm up
  country presentations part I
12.30 Lunch
13:30 visiting the Anti-Discrimination-Office of Germany
17:00 visiting “Sonntagsclub” and Lambda


  1. it was very interesting to getting to know the political & social conditions of LGBTIQ*-people in other countries & to getting some good ideas for actions like "free hugs" or the "LGBTIQ*-tour" in the villages to getting in contact with other people... but i am shocked, angry & sad about the shitty situation in lithuania...

  2. I was really angry and sad with the general situation in Lithuania...I had no ideia!
    Thank you for your presentation girls!!

  3. The Sonntagsclub was really interesting, especially since we don't have anything like that in Austria. Only our LGBTIQ* organisations do stuff like that, but not independent association.
    And I was really impressed by the "Lesbisch Schwule Tour" of Lambda and really want to start a similiar project, because it is really important to bring awareness of LGBT people to the countryside too.