Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Gay magic.

Oh, hi ! It´s crazy that it´s already Wednesday. It´s hard to imagine how time flies. But I think this very fact is a perfect indication of how much all of us are having here. When I was planning to come back here I never suspected I would get a chance to spend such a quality time.
I've come here for the sole reason of broadening my horizons, and god almighty, I did. To be exact, I still am. To be honest, even after three and a half days I learned more that could ever suspect. The amount of energy, good-spirit, kindness and higher-than-average level of sass created a sincere and funny environment that I feel so comfortable in.
I cannot forget to mention the activities. The lectures and presentations give me an amazing perspective, yes. To be able to get a view on another's country situation first-hand is a valuable experience which I greatly appreciate. Also, the visits to different community centres have given me clues on what I feel I need to do in my life.
This, in any shape or form, does not reflect my whole spectrum of feelings I would like to share, this is simply too much fun to "waste" another second just sitting in front of the screen.

So long, amigos ! Catch you later !

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